Useful cleaning Tips for your aluminium window frames

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Man Cleaning Windows

Useful Cleaning Tips for your aluminium window frames

The purchase of an aluminium frame system is a significant investment for many years or decades. That is why we should know how to clean them in the right and proper way, offering the appropriate maintenance to our frames. The cleaning and polishing of the frame constitute work that should be done by anyone and ensure the best condition for the aluminium doors and windows.

Below we offer some valuable tips which can help you during the cleaning process:

Clean with a small vacuum cleaner the dirt or leaves inside the rail, at the low side of the frame.

This action should not be neglected if you want your frames to keep high functionality levels. Do not forget that the rail of the frame is a spot in which it is possible to find dirt or small pieces of litter. By keeping it clean, you make the opening and closing of the frame easier and you also prevent the creation of dust layers.

Use a soft fabric or microfiber cloth, wetting it in hot water and soap and clean the surfaces.

Cleaning Window Track with a Cloth

Using fabric to clean up your aluminium frame is a highly significant process that contributes to its general appearance. You just need water and soap. Avoid cleaners or corrosive products, as they could probably destroy the finish in the long term.

What you should NOT do during the cleaning of your aluminium frames.

If you set a program deciding to spend some time during the year taking care of your aluminium frames, you will see some great results soon. However, the To-Do list regarding the maintenance of your frames is equally essential with the Not To Do list! We mention this to underline that if you try to clean your frames the wrong way, it could be equally harmful to not cleaning them.

If you have older aluminium frames that retain dirt stains, do not use cleaning wire.

In some cases, after several years, there may appear stains that are caused either by pollution or by the weather conditions. If you notice something like this, you should not try to clean it using a cleaning wire because this could harm the surface of the frame. In corrosion cases, you can try to improve the situation by using soft cloth and water. It is worth noting that the careful cleaning of our frames is really important, as in diferrent cases there may occur unpleasant situations and costly changes. The corrosion in frames is a sign that they have been neglected for an extended period of time. Thus, it is highly possible that their thermal insulation characteristics have been affected and their performance may is not at the levels they could have with at least minimum maintenance.

If you have new aluminium frames, avoid the use of cleaners or other products that  could harm the surface and cause some kind of damage. 

The new aluminium frames require minimum maintenance. There is no need to take “heavy” cleaning action. You just need to maintain the frames in a decent level, using a simple cloth or a microfabrick cloth and water or water and some soap.

Do not use a garden hose or a device of high – water pressure for the cleaning

Window Cleaning with Water Pressure Machine

We recommend you to avoid the use of high-water pressure aiming at the direction of your frames, as such an action could possibly damage the frame or the glass. It is a lot better to have a bucket filled with water by your side or if you have a hose, try pouring water very cautiously and in low pressure. The right maintenance of your frames also includes its careful cleaning, when using water..

Do not scratch the surface of your frames with sharp objects.

Scraping Windows with a Scraper

If for an extended period of time you have not cleanup your frames, then it is possible that there are spots that now it is hard to be cleaned using just a cloth, as there may have been created a stain or a bit of litter may have been stuck there. Do not try using sharp objects in order to clean them, because this could cause more problems and harm the frame. We would suggest that you wet a cloth with hot water and start using it to clean the spot. After several attempts, you will realisze that the stain has started to soften and it is significantly easier to be removed.

Clean aluminium frames – High resilience during the years 

Happy Woman opens the Window

All the above tips aim to remind you that with little effort your frames can have perfect functionality for decades. Aluminium is a highly robust material. This is why the maintenance that aluminium frames requires is so low. If you follow the advice we share to this article, the results will be perfect. The clean frames are always more functional and they maintain their thermal insulation levels. Furthermore, frames that are installed correctly and they receive the right care, they offer more not only regarding the energy performance, but also on the department of saving money. Preserve them in good shape and gain the multiple benefits in your daily life!




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