How to have a warm house during wintertime

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Simple ideas to make your house warmer during winter.
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Winter is a period characterized by low-temperature levels, moisture, wind, rain, or snow. It is a very demanding period and our residence is tested in tough situations. Our frame system (whether it has aluminium windows or other materials) and the internal design of our house play a key role in the preservation of heat and good condition in the interior.

Χέρι κρατάει Σπίτι σε Μικρογραφία ντυμένο με Σκούφο και Κασκόλ

So, how could we make our house most effective during the winter months, so we could enjoy our time and be calm inside our residence?

Replacement of the old frames

Παλιό Παράθυρο με Καΐτια

If your frames are old or damaged, then their replacement could be really important. Depending on the location of your house, you should evaluate your options, focusing on the energy performance of the frames and the type of glass that is used. A high-performance frame system will change your feeling inside your home.

Upgrade particular rooms

Μοντέρνο και Minimal Σαλόνι Σπιτιού

For many people, the general replacement of their frame system is an expensive procedure. However, there is another solution that could improve your house at a lower cost. You could proceed to replace some of your window frames, depending on which areas of the house need this upgrade more. In this case, you need to evaluate the rooms in which you stay for more time, which part of the house have issues (e.g. rooms with external wall or areas without a heating system), or if you have children, what is the state of their rooms. By choosing smartly the areas in which you are going to replace the frames, you will manage to reinforce your house and upgrade it without the high cost of a total frame replacement.

Do not block heating sources

Καλυμμένο Καλοριφέρ

It is common practice in many houses to put furniture in front of heating devices. For example, a sofa in front of a radiator. This habit increases the warm feeling of people sitting on the sofa, but it surely prevents heat from spreading all over the place. Placing your furniture in a way that would not block heating sources, would highly improve their performance.

Place your plants in a smart way

Φυτά Εσωτερικού Χώρου δίπλα από Ροζ Καναπέ

If you have plants in the interior of your house and you put them in front of the windows, maybe it is time to transfer them. Plants are moisture sources, so when they are next to windows or patio doors, they contribute to the condensation. Place your plants far from window openings and you will realize the improvement soon.

Use your curtains as an asset

Γυναίκα ανοίγει τις Κουρτίνες

During wintertime, sunlight is less, thus it is very important to gather it whenever we have the chance. Open your curtains during the sunny periods of the day, so the house could absorb sunlight. When the sun is down, close your curtains, using them as an insulation layer. The outcome will be that the heat stays inside and you minimize your energy losses.

The rugs are on your side

Σκυλί ξαπλώνει πάνω σε Χαλί

The floor of our house is the first indicator of cold because it is easy for us to feel it while walking on it. When you use rugs in the rooms or your living room, you increase the warm feeling inside the house and at the same time you “insulate” the floor. This strategy gives you one more “weapon” against low temperatures. However, if you already have a floor heating system installed, then you most probably are covered.


Γυναίκα στον Καναπέ της είναι Βαριά Ντυμένη και Κρυώνει


In conclusion, there are many methods to increase your house temperature during the winter months. The frame system and heating devices are the most significant parts of this procedure, however, there are some “smaller” actions that could be extremely helpful. Whichever method you decide to follow, do not forget that a cold house means lower quality of living and could be even dangerous for the people that live in it. Use our tips and…enjoy warm moments!



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