Hinged or Sliding aluminium frames?

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Aluminium System and Pergola in a Country House with Swimming Pool

Hinged or Sliding aluminium frames?

Aluminium System and Pergola in a Country House with Swimming Pool

Every decision we make about our house is an important one. Therefore, the selection of our frames is significant for daily living. Depending on each space, there is always a product that suits your needs. In this article, we aim to help you have a clearer idea regarding hinged and sliding frame systems. Thus, you can compare the two system categories of aluminium frames, evaluating their distinctive features. Besides, what matters most is to choose the product that is the best for you.

Hinged aluminium frames

The hinged frames are very popular and many customers prefer them. One of their most important advantages is their high insulation capability, water tightness and soundproofing. In all of these departments, the hinged aluminium systems have exceptional performance (of course we mention the thermally insulated hinged aluminium frames and not the non-insulative ones). Equally high is their performance in the department of security. Furthermore, the hinged aluminium frames offer a wide variety of design solutions and they can support flyscreen, shutters, or external shutter boxes.

Hinged Aluminium System in the Living Room of a Luxury Home

The disadvantage of hinged frames is that they cannot support very wide window spans. We refer to more than 2-meter openings. In such a case, a hinged system may not be the optimal solution, even with a double sash patio door. Also, they are not the best solution for very small apartments, as they cover more space when you open them. This happens because they always require a larger internal space, in order to be opened easily without any issue.

Sliding aluminium frames

We find sliding frames very often, either in city apartments or in private houses. In the first case, the sliding frames contribute to the practical daily living of an apartment, as they save space. In the second case of the private houses, usually, they have wide window openings that cannot be supported by hinged frames, so again the sliding ones are the most suitable solution.

Sliding Aluminium System in Large Opening with Sea View

Furthermore, the modern architectural trend globally is for the constructions to have as minimum visible aluminium as possible. The philosophy behind this trend is to promote minimal aesthetics and to allow the natural light to enter the interior unobstructed. Therefore, the sliding frames are ideal, as they can be customized in line with minimal aesthetics. This design includes slim sashes, pocket-concealed sashes in the masonry, horizontal sliding sashes etc.

It is worth mentioning that, usually, a sliding system cannot reach the thermal insulation levels of a hinged system, as in the case of the hinged one the sealing is reinforced by the insulative EPDM gaskets around the sash and casement. However, we should always compare similar systems. There is the possibility that a uniquely advanced sliding system to reach the performance of a hinged one. The lift n’ slide systems are a perfect example. These systems are “applied” inside the railing, providing high thermal insulation. Through a special mechanism, they are getting lifted and thus, we can slide them easily.

The glass factor

Whichever is your final decision, you should not forget that the thermal insulation level of aluminium windows (and of all the windows in general) are in direct relation to the glass type they are equipped with. The glass usually takes up to 70%-80% of the total surface of a frame. So, it is very normal to affect its performance. There is a wide variety of solutions in this department. Therefore, it is extremely important to discuss the type of glazing and its characteristics with the professional that is going to install your frames.

Detail of Aluminium System Glass Pane

One element we should always check is the Ug (g for Glass), which is the thermal insulation rate of the glass. Apart from Ug, there is the Uf (f for Frame) rate which measures the insulation of the casement and sash. All these together constitute Uw (w από το Window) which is the total rate for the thermal insulation of the window or patio door. The smaller the above rates, the smaller the thermal losses and consequently the better the performance of our aluminium systems. A high-quality aluminium system can provide thermal insulation and security, but without equally advanced glazing, the general performance cannot be at the same level.


Minimal Aluminium System with Sea View

The decision regarding our new frames is highly significant as it affects daily living in many ways. We have to be well-informed and aware of the different aspects, whether our decision is based on aesthetics, or energy performance standards. The purchase of frames is an investment that will complement our way of life. This is why this purchase should improve our lives and make it more pleasant and functional. Your new frames are your choice. Decide with a free mind, but also with knowledge!

* In order to search for more information about the right frames for your space, you contact a professional of ALUMIL’s official network. Find one of our partners that is near you, by clicking here.




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