4+1 reasons to buy aluminium frames

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4+1 reasons to buy aluminium frames

Are you in the searching process about the new frames of your house and you keep wondering if you should choose aluminium ones? Do you have gathered information about the several option but you are not sure yet?All these questions are totally normal and understandable. Besides, when you decide to buy new frames, this is a significant investment that is going to make an impact on the next decades. Before procceeding with a purchase, it is really important to measure all the parameters and search for the most suitable solution for your space.

In this article we present you the 5 equally important reasons for you to take the final decision and buy aluminium frames:


Reason No1

They are very durable and they stand the test of time, with low maintenance requirements

Man Sitting Calm on Sofa In Front Of Minimal Aluminum System


Aluminium is the most abundant metal in earth’s crust. One of the main characteristics of this particular metal is its great sturdiness. Thus, the aluminium frames constitute a safe investment, as they do not have issues, even after many decades. Aluminium shows enormous durability against corrosion, which is the obvious “enemy” of every kind of metal. Specifically, the frames that have been anodized, have ensured double protection against the risk of corrosion. This happens because the frame undergoes a special surface treatment and “seals”, getting one more protective layer. Furthermore, aluminium frames need low maintenance and therefore you will not spend much of your time after their installation.


Reason No2

They offer a wide variety of designing options and they improve the aesthetics of your place

The aesthetics of a place have high value. The frames in a house, always attract the attention of a visitor and can elevate or downgrade the general aspect. The advandage of aluminium is that it is very flexible to receive various surface treatments. Thus, the aluminium frames provide a wide range of designing options, in order for  the highest level of customization to be achieved.  This is indicated both by the extented color pallet and the large variety of available typologies. Lastly, the advanced aluminium frames are in line with the contemporaty architectural trend of minimal style, as they can offer exceptional solutions with thin profiles and minimum visible aluminium.


Reason No3

Their energy performance is top, due to their thermal insulation technologies

Section of Aluminium System with Visible Thermal Break


Apart from the aesthetic value that we mentioned above, the performance of the frames in thermal insulation department is a crucial factor for your final decision. You should not forget that your frames play a key role to the thermal comform in a place. Aluminium frames incorporate advanced thermal-break technologies. This way, they prevent the cold from entering during wintertime or the loss of coolness during the summer months. Thus, they contribute to the improvement of daily living conditions and at the same time the help you to save energy and money. Over time, this fact will give you a great benefit compared with the alternative options.


Reason 4

Aluminium frames are ideal for large window spans

Minimal Aluminium System that covers a Very Large Opening

In residencies or professional spaces with large window spans there is the need of robust constructions that could support them without any issues. Aluminium frames are ideal for such cases, because they can cover constructions with large glazing, allowing the natural light to enter your space. In addition, aluminium is a metal that despite its low weight, is extremely robust. As a result, even with minimal systems that have minimum visible aluminium width, the result is impressive both from practical and aesthetical side. Consequently, the general appearance of a place meets its potential and underlines the “wow factor” with unparalleled style and flawless functionality.


Reason No5

Top anti-burglary protection

There is something you should not forget regarding your frames: they are potential entrances to the interior of your place. So, the frames should provide high anti-burglary protection, in order to prevent any unwanted invasion. Aluminium is a robust material and it is hard to be bent or broken. The aluminium frames are tested under strict and highly demanding controls. Through these tests they get their certifications about the durability against break-in attempts. So, we have the anti-burglary protection class (RC class), which indicates the performance of a frame system under such situations. During your search, it is important to always ask for information regarding these certifications, in order to have all the data about anti-burglary features on your hands.


Knowledge is power

Laptop with Alumil's Window Selection Guide

The 5 reasons to buy aluminium frames we wrote about  in this article can become a basis for you, to search and think wisely during your research for new frames in your residence or your professional space. The final decision is still yours and it is really important to feel good about your own choice. However,  as they say “knoweldge is power”! Now you have all the information you need, in order to focus on the right things and choose the frame system that covers the needs of your place. Every detail, no matter how small or bih it is, has its significance. The journey of purchasing your new frames is always an interesting and exciting one, full of useful information. Enjoy it and… have fun!

*If you want to take inspiration about your place, by viewing advanced aluminium systems for windows and doors, you can follow the link: https://www.alumil.com/international/homeowners/products/windows-doors



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